By Crystal Hessong

It’s been a month since you’ve made your New Year’s resolutions, but even if you’ve slipped up, it’s not too late to get back to your goals for low-carb eating in the new year. There are several great places around town to help you stick to your diet plan, and these are some of the must-try low carb and paleo friendly dishes in Houston.

JD’s WG Squamicelli At Café TH
2108 Pease St.
Houston, TX 77003
(713) 225-4766

If you’re looking for something exotic, try any of the Washington Gym approved Paleo dishes at Café Th. Among the most unusual and tasty is JD’s WG Squamicelli, which replaces high-carb rice noodles with low-carb spaghetti squash noodles. You get your choice of grilled chicken, pork, beef, or all three, and it comes with vegetables. For even more protein, add prawns to the dish. This is just one of many gluten-free and low-carb, Paleo options on the menu. Everything is clearly labeled, so you don’t have to make special requests to your order to adapt it to your low carb lifestyle. If  you want to visit Café Th, it’s only open on weekdays with a three hour break between lunch and dinner, so plan accordingly.

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Salads At Sammy’s Wild Game Grill
3715 Washington Ave.
Houston, TX 77007
(713) 868-1345

On a low-carb diet, plain chicken and even steaks can get old after a while. Why not expand your choices by trying some of the more interesting wild game options at Sammy’s Wild Game Grill? Just about any of the salads, without carrots and tomatoes, is low carb, and you can choose from meats as kangaroo, duck sausage, yak burger, pheasant sausage and more. These choices give you all the flavor of Sammy’s hot dogs or burgers without the carb-filled bun. Also, call ahead to see other seasonal meats that may be offered. You could get to try alligator, alpaca, ostrich or other exotic, seasonal meats on your salad.

Paleo Fried Chicken At Ruggles Black
3963 Kirby Drive
Houston, TX 77098
(832) 530-4493

You’ve probably already heard of the other Ruggles restaurants in Houston. This local chain’s latest addition to the family is Ruggles Black, which is a mash up of Indian and French American foods with specialized Paleo options. If you thought that going low carb meant that you would have to give up fried chicken, you’d be wrong. At Ruggles Black, the fried chicken is made with almond meal for a crunchy crust that is low in carbs and high in protein. Other low carb and Paleo friendly options include chicken enchiladas made with almond meal tortillas and Paleo shrimp served on spaghetti squash.

Pre-K (Paleo Burger In A Bowl) Bernie’s Burger Bus
5407 Bellaire Blvd.
Bellaire, TX 77401
(713) 349-9400

Bernie’s Burger Bus started as a kitchy food truck in a refurbished school bus. Given the appearance of its mobile kitchen, all the dishes served at Bernie’s take their names from school. The Pre-K burger is a hamburger with toppings in a bowl instead of on a bun. You can skip the roasted tomatoes to even further reduce the carbs in this. You can also ask for any burger wrapped in lettuce to replace a carby bun, too. This former food truck has settled into three restaurant locations where you can get seated service instead of ordering from the side of the food truck.

Steaks At Taste Of Texas
10505 Katy Freeway
Houston, TX 77024
(713) 932-6901

Just about any of the steaks at the Taste of Texas is sure to satisfy your appetite without piling on carbs. All the steaks come with a salad and bread, but ask the server to hold the bread. You can even add on low carb sides like sautéed mushrooms, broccoli with hollandaise, green beans with bacon and almonds, and sautéed spinach. If you want to skip the steak, order lobster, onion soup or the lavish salad bar that can be ordered as a meal.

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