Bryan Altman

While the Patriots currently maintain a comfortable 15-point lead, 31-16, in the fourth quarter against the Texans, Tom Brady’s been anything but comfortable on most of his drop backs throughout the evening. Brady’s been under duress from a relentless Houston Texans pass rush, led by Whitney Mercilus and Jadeveon Clowney, who have been in the backfield seemingly all night.

Most of the hits were by the book and Brady was able to dust himself off and get back into the huddle, but one hit by Clowney that Brady deemed to be late, set No. 12 off.

Clowney took only one step before hitting Brady — which was legal — but continued trying to take Brady to the ground long after the play was over, ultimately hauling Brady down awkwardly while falling onto the quarterback’s knees. No flag was thrown on the play, which prompted Brady to immediately get in referee Pete Morelli’s face about the hit.

While some questioned the legality of the hit, others said it was a legal play by Clowney, who was simply finishing the hit.

One former player who didn’t think it was dirty? Ray Lewis.

Whether the hit was dirty or not, Brady getting in the ref’s face proved beneficial later in the game. Clowney hit Brady early in the fourth quarter well after the ball was released and this time Morelli threw the flag immediately, costing the Texans 15 yards on a critical drive.

What did you think of the hit?



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