By Derek Fogel

Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – With the NFL playoffs raging on, it’s worth looking back upon other postseasons to gauge the value we have this January and February. There are clear favorites in football this year. Obviously in the AFC it’s the Patriots, and until recently it was the Cowboys in the NFC.

A rookie quarterback and running back tandem in Dallas seems to have spooked the early predictions of a Super Bowl run. The Cowboys have been a unanimous playoff pick for a majority of the season and for storyline’s sake, lets embrace that for a moment. Dallas, the NFC favorite.

Since the return of the NFL’s television ratings after the election, people are assuming that it has been a competitive finish to the regular season and beginning to the playoffs. Let us be realistic about this entire synopsis. Thus far, the playoffs have been nothing short of predictable.

The Texans handled a rookie quarterback, the Steelers throttled the Dolphins and the Packers poured it on the Giants at Lambeau. Despite a handful of games having promise of being watchable, they have been incredibly underwhelming. After Major League Baseball delivered one of the best October’s in recent history, the NFL playoffs leave a lot to be desired but still have time for redemption.

The NBA’s story is eerily similar to the NFL’s. The people wait for the juggernauts to surface in the finals. The only thing either league can do to save itself during these playoffs is have a major upset.

In this moment, we look to the Texans as the only hope for the common fan. Without an incredible upset that makes us think of “David and Goliath”, we have nothing to root for. Fortunately the Cowboys have fallen from their dominant status in the wake of rookie superstitions and so their predictability weakens, but the Texans still fit the bill.

This is the best case scenario for the NFL, their TV ratings and most importantly, any fan without a horse in the race. The Texans can emerge as America’s underdog, which is fitting since they have had no respect from the national media. With the loss of either conference’s original favorite, football has a chance at a postseason worth watching.