By Paul Gallant, SportsRadio 610By Paul Gallant

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – Before the Texans season finale against the Titans on New Years Day, Jay Glazer of Fox Sports tweeted the following.

And while we’ve yet to read or hear anything remotely concrete on that . . . tweet, we’ve heard a whole lot of rumors and gossip from national NFL beat writers. Most of them circle around the same general theme, that Texans head coach Bill O’Brien and general manager Rick Smith don’t get along.

You’d think that Bob McNair’s vote of support and Bill O’Brien’s remarks during his press conference would have put those rumors to rest. Nope.

That last piece by Charles Robinson includes this as source attribution: “The people who know O’Brien believe . . .”. OK.

There’s no way for ME to know how much of this stuff is true and how much is false. The Texans sure seem to be a leaky ship with a whole lot of different agendas that have nothing to do with their playoff game against the Patriots Saturday night.

Bill O’Brien was asked if he was distracted by all the rumors at his press conference today.

“There’s no distraction,” answered O’Brien. “Like I said after the game, I really enjoy coaching this team. One of the things about coming to work here every day is it’s a great place to work because you have really good people here. And you’ve got a bunch of great players that really understand the meaning of hard work and have put a lot of time into this thing. And the other thing is our staff. I really enjoy working with our staff. I had a good staff meeting this morning trying to get going here on an obviously very difficult challenge for us.”

We’ll see if those rumors disappear over the next week.

As for the Texans win over the Raiders Saturday – the third playoff victory in franchise history – O’Brien knows what it means. He also knows that the next is challenge is quite the big one.

“This is still a fairly young organization relative to a lot of organizations in this league. Last week was only the third playoff win in this organization’s history, and that’s a big deal. Now it’s about taking another step. And taking a step that’s going to be a very challenging step to take. We all understand that. But we’re looking forward to the challenge. And when you sit back and think about it and talk to your team, hey you’ve got a great opportunity. There’s only eight teams left.”

Other Notes:

  • Texans backup quarterback Tom Savage has cleared the concussion protocol in resume backup duties against the Patriots Saturday night. As for Safety Quentin Demps – who suffered a hamstring injury during the Texans 27 – 13 win over the Raiders – he’s day to day.
  • Texans linebacker coach Mike Vrabel will reportedly interview for the Los Angeles Rams’ head coaching job next week. O’Brien had nothing but positive things to say about him.

“Great football coach,” said O’Brien. “Communicates well. Very knowledgeable of the game. Beyond football, a great family guy, husband, father. We have a lot of guys like that on our staff. Very proud of this staff. They’ve done a nice job this year of preparing the players and being in the position we’re in. Mike’s a big part of that and does a great job for us.”

  • During O’Brien’s press conference, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that the Jacksonville Jaguars hired interim head coach (and former Bills head coach) Doug Marrone as their next head coach. I asked O’Brien – who has a close relationship with Marrone – about it.

“It’s a smart hire,” said O’Brien. “He’s one of my closest friends. Known him for 20 years . . . great family. great kids. The thing about Doug is he’s a football coach. He’s a football guy. He knows how to coach football. He’s a tough coach. He’s demanding. And his teams are well prepared. So I think that’s a very good hire by Jacksonville.”