Denver (CBS HOUSTON) – The Denver Broncos might be looking for a new head coach just a year after winning the Super Bowl. Gary Kubiak, it is being reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, will step down from coaching duties with the Broncos after the year due to health concerns with the 55-year-old coach.

Kubiak missed a game this season because of headaches and a “complex migraine” that landed him in the hospital. In 2013, as coach of the Houston Texans, Kubiak had a stroke at halftime of a game against the Colts. He was taken to the hospital and missed several games for the Texans that season, before being fired as the team finished 2-14 on the year.

Kubiak was hired prior to the 2015 season and led the Broncos to a Super Bowl win behind the best defense in the league. This season Kubiak has gone 8-7 with the Broncos and will miss the playoffs this year.

Asked on Friday Kubiak pushed any decisions until after the season.

“You guys know, I love this league, I love the Broncos, I love the work,” Kubiak told reporters. “I’m all-in on the Raiders right now. There will be time for reflection and all that stuff next week, but right now it’s time to focus on what we’re doing.”

Kubiak reportedly has felt some pressure from his family to retire and start relaxing after his health scares as a head coach.


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