By: Brian McDonald (@sackedbybmac)

Brock Osweiler has not played well over his first 11 starts for the Houston Texans.

How poorly has Osweiler played? Below is a comparison of stats between Osweiler and every other relevant Texans quarterback who has played a significant amount of time; I’ll report, you decide where he ranks among this group.

Comparing Osweiler to quarterbacks who only started a couple games would be pointless so guys like Tony Banks, Brandon Weeden, Ryan Mallett, Dave Ragone, and Matt Leinart won’t be included in this conversation.

There are six quarterbacks not including Osweiler who have played enough for the Houston Texans to qualify for this comparison. Those quarterbacks being David Carr, Sage Rosenfels, Matt Schaub, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum, and Brian Hoyer.

That’s every relevant Texans quarterback to this conversation—at least 10 games started and/or 300 pass attempts. In the case of Brian Hoyer, he only had nine starts for the Texans but attempted 369 passes, which seems close enough to include him in this comparison.

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - NOVEMBER 21: Brock Osweiler #17 of Houston Texans gestures during the NFL football game between Houston Texans and Oakland Raiders at Azteca Stadium on November 21, 2016 in Mexico City, Mexico. (Photo by Hector Vivas/LatinContent/Getty Images)

(Photo by Hector Vivas/LatinContent/Getty Images)

After 11 games played this year, Osweiler has 400 pass attempts, has completed 59.5% of his passes, is averaging 5.8 yards per pass attempt, 209 passing yards per game, a total of 12 TD/13 INT, has a 72.2 QB Rating, and has a 50 score for ESPN’s QBR.

As for the other six quarterbacks…

  • David Carr (First 11 starts of his 2002 rookie year) – 53.7%, 6.4 yards per attempt, 173 yards per game, 9 TD/11 INT, 68.4 QB rating.
  • Sage Rosenfels (15 games/10 starts over 2007-08 seasons, with 414 attempts compared to 400 by Brock) – 65.2%, 7.5 yards per attempt, 207 passing yards per game, 21 TD/22 INT, 82.5 QB rating.
  • Matt Schaub (From his only 11 starts of his first year in 2007) – 66.4%, 7.8 yards per attempt, 203 yards per game, 9 TD/9 INT, 87.2 QB rating, 59.42 QBR.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick (First 11 starts of 2014 season) – 63.4%, 8.02 yards per attempt, 223 yards per game, 17 TD/8 INT, 95.9 QB Rating, 56.75 QBR.
  • Brian Hoyer (2015, 11 games/8 starts with 369 attempts) – 60.7%, 7.1 yards per attempt, 236.9 yards per game, 19 TD/7 INT, 91.4 QB Rating, 59.59 QBR.
  • Case Keenum (Over multiple seasons, 10 total starts with 330 attempts) – 55.2%, 6.7 yards per attempt, 219 yards per game, 11 TD/8 INT, 76.8 QB rating.

So, including him, among the seven Texans QB’s who meet the minimum numbers for starts and attempts, Osweiler ranks:

  • 5th in completion percentage ahead of only the undrafted Keenum, and the rookie David Carr playing on an expansion team.
  • Last place in passing yards per attempt.
  • 4th in passing yards per game behind Hoyer, Fitzpatrick, and Keenum.
  • 6th in QB Rating ahead of only David Carr’s rookie season.
  • 5th in TD/INT ratio. Fitzpatrick, Hoyer, Keenum, and Schaub had better ratios than Osweiler.

Osweiler doesn’t rank last in every stat, but it’s important to remember the situation each quarterback stepped into when he joined the Texans.

Hoyer, Fitzpatrick, and Rosenfels were journeymen backups, Carr was a rookie on an expansion team, Keenum was an undrafted player, and Schaub had less starting experience than Osweiler coming into the job. Schaub had five less career starts under his belt (two to seven) than Osweiler at the time the Texans acquired him.

How about comparing Osweiler to his peers this year?

Through Week 12 Osweiler ranks:

  • 29th of 33 eligible QB’s in completion percentage.
  • Last place at 33rd out of 33 eligible QB’s in yards per attempt.
  • Tied for last with Fitzpatrick in QB rating.
  • 31st out of 33 eligible QB’s in ESPN’s QBR.
  • 30th out of 33 eligible QB’s in interception percentage (INT per attempt basically).
  • 28th out of 33 eligible QB’s in touchdown percentage (TD per attempt basically).

Hopefully Osweiler turns it around, but for now the stats tell an interesting story.