By Cody Stoots

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – The college football playoff is great, and will never be perfect, but it can get even better.

The ideal situation for the college football playoff is to expand. The number, however, isn’t eight which many people seem to desire. It is six teams.

The BCS was almost always right. We saw the two best teams play the majority of the time, yet we knew a “plus one” aka the four team playoff was the most logical step. It would have been superb some the years in the BCS, but occasionally some subpar teams would’ve snuck in.

College football is better and deeper than ever so four teams has worked out well, but wouldn’t six have been perfect so far?

In 2014, TCU and Baylor in the final six would have made things highly entertianing. Would Oregon and Alabama still play Florida State and Ohio State if those teams had to go through the two Big 12 offensive machines?

In 2015, the next two teams were Stanford and Iowa. The one-loss Hawkeyes were snoozers but Heisman runner-up Christian McCaffery against Michigan State and then potentially Alabama? Wow.

So, just like most of the BCS years made sense with four teams, the two seasons of the playoff make sense with six. No, Mississippi State and Michigan State didn’t deserve bids in 2014. No, Ohio State and Notre Dame didn’t deserve bids, despite having compelling arguments.

This season? Really easy. There are six clear teams deserving of the playoff as I write this. Alabama, Clemson, Louisville, Ohio State, Michigan, and Washington. Perfection this year. Absolute perfection. No, Penn State and random Big 12 team don’t deserve the additional two spots.

The unfortunate problem with my look back on the past two years is the comittee knowing they had six teams would likely change their approach and value different things. I know becasue week to week they seemingly change how they assess the teams.

My absolute biggest beef with eight teams in the playoff is the potential addition of automatic qualifiers.

Automatic qualifiers are garbage. Absolute and total garbage. The participation trophies of college football.

First, we are headed to four superconferences and the sooner we get there the better. Five automatic qualifiers delays progress. Second, it allows for surprise conference game winners to bump teams more deserving of a playoff spot. If you sucker punch and knock out Connor McGregor in a bar you aren’t automatically UFC champion.

So, do away with those awful conference championship games. Make every conference play nine conference games and then at the end of 12 games we have six at-large teams. Let conference championships help resumes for tiebreaking and seeding purposes.

More is better, but moderation of more is best. Plus, if we end up seeing six be too few teams, it is a lot easier to move to eight than to move back down to six.

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