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HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – There was a theme to Texans left tackle Duane Brown’s discussion with the media today: “Starting Fast.”

It didn’t matter if the 9 year veteran was reflecting on the Texans 5-3 start to the year, being asked about their 0-3 road record, or their strong finish running the football in the win over Detroit. Brown said that the Texans need to “start fast” six times during his 4 minute Q & A.

“I think we have to bring a lot of energy on the road, start fast, protect the ball, said Brown when asked about Houston’s 0-3 road record. “I think guys are keyed in to what we have to do though. We have a good game plan going in this week. I think it’s just all about starting fast for us.”

The Texans have yet to score a first half touchdown on the road this year. And they’ve trailed by a combined 48 – 12 in their three home losses, losing those games by a combined 85 – 22. So why has it happened so much?

“I think myself and some of us have gotten accustomed to feeling our way through the game and then once you get used to it, then we pick it up,” continued Brown. “But we have to come out not really putting our foot in the water, but just jumping in.”

With the amount of times Brown said it, I got the feeling that the Texans think starting slow has been their biggest problem away from NRG Stadium.

“You kind of feel your way through those games, just kind of feeling the atmosphere, how the crowd is going to be, how they’re going to play,” said Brown.” We have to bring a lot of energy and start fast. I think that’s kind of how you can take the crowd out of the game and also just put yourself in better position in the second quarter and on.”

Brown is hoping the way the Texans closed out their 20-13 victory over Detroit – running the ball 9 times for 72 yards (an 8 yard per carry average) on their final 2 drives – is something the offense can build on.

“When you know you have to run the ball and the games on our shoulders up front, it’s a great feeling to go out there and punctuate those wins with first downs on the ground and kind of win the game the way we wanted to,” said Brown. “Detroit has a good front seven and the way we ran the ball, that gives us a lot of confidence going forward.”

“We know it’s not going to get any easier,” continued Brown. “We know Jacksonville brings a great challenge for us upfront. But we just know what we can get accomplished. We have to harness what we did there in the second half into a full four quarters and I think we can do that.”

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When we looked at our offensive self-scout, one of the things that we need to improve upon is like in the red area. We were tied for first in the league (before the bye week) with 18 field goals. That’s a good stat for Nick (Novak), but that’s not a great stat for your offense. You got to score touchdowns down there and what’s happened to us, we’ve been in too many 3rd-and-longs. We’ve had tackles for loss, sacks, penalties. We’ve been in these 3rd-and-12 from the 12, 3rd-and-10 from the 10 and that’s not where you want to be in this league.


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