By Jeremy Branham

Houston (CBS Houston) – During Sunday’s victory against Detroit, Larry Izzo was the subject of Bill O’Brien’s outburst, but Izzo hardly noticed.

“I was really focused on what was going on on the field so I didn’t really hear much of what was going on,” Izzo said.

According to Izzo, because of the poor play of the special team’s unit, O’Brien was within reason to holler at him.

“The results of some things earlier in the game were not what we expect, and below my standards and coach’s standards,” Izzo added. “He has every right to be upset about that.”

The theme from the entire coaching staff was that it’s a competitive atmosphere, and when you bring intense guys in a situation like that, blowups are going to occur on the occasion.

“Chalk it up as an intense game, and two intense people during a game, things like that happen,” Izzo said.

As is usually the case in the NFL when bad things happen, the Texans are looking ahead, not back.

“We’ve moved on,” Izzo said. “It’s not really a big deal.”


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