Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – The Texans finished the first half of their season with a 20-13 victory over the Detroit Lions at NRG Stadium on Sunday. The bye week for Houston comes perfectly in the middle of the season in NFL week 9.

“I think the bye week is very important not only to rest your body physically, but you need to rest mentally… I’m going to get as far away from this game as I possibly can and then as we get closer to Monday, pick up the iPad again and get ready for Jacksonville,” Quarterback Brock Osweiler said.

The Texans are (5-3) overall and (2-0) in the AFC South, leading the division.

“I think anytime you’re able to win a football game in the National Football League, it’s a great deal. Fortunately we’ve been able to win five, you know we’ve only played eight and we’ve put ourselves in a good position going forward for the 2nd half of the season,” Osweiler said.

Sunday’s win over the Lions was big for not only Brock Osweiler, but also Linebacker Brian Cushing.

“I’m happy about where we are but we obviously have a lot of work left… It’s a good point to be at though at the half way point. Got to continue to build off the momentum,” Cushing said.

After battling a knee injury for most of the season, Brian now feels like the past few weeks have been a turning point for his health and play this year.

“I feel good, I feel really good. These last two games I really feel like myself… I’m really excited for the 2nd half of the year considering I’ll be fully healthy.”

The Texans are (5-0) in Houston but (0-3) on the road. A real test comes for them in the last half of the season with four of their next five games away from home. They get back to action in week 10 against the Jaguars in Jacksonville.


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