As the Houston Texans took on the Denver Broncos on Monday Night, Mike Meltser took down his live notes throughout the game. Here are the 38 instant reactions from the co-host of Mad Radio, Mike Meltser, from the Texans 27-9 loss over the Broncos.

  1. 3rd down run to Lamar Miller worked way better than that idiotic play call early at New England
  2. Will Fuller, why have you foresaken us?
  3. 3rd and 8, screen missed to Alfred Blue. Was that a screen? Who knows
  4. Well, there’s Derek Newton on the ground, now having an air cast placed on his leg. This team has lost JJ Watt, Nick Martin, Kevin Johnson already.
  5. Air casts on both legs is a terrifying thing. Get well, Derek
  6. It is truly fun to watch how good of a football player Whitney Mercilus has become
  7. The Texans have converted 2 delays for big runs on 3rd down
  8. A 6-0 lead is nice, but some missed opportunities here with Brock Osweiler and his WRs not being on the same page
  9. Can Nick Novak kick in Denver all the time?
  10. How much does it cost to get a Lamar Miller health update around here?
  11. First and goal was not a good down for Brandon Dunn
  12. And why were the corners playing so far off on that entire Broncos TD drive?
  13. And why was Vince Wilfork off the field on CJ Anderson’s TD run?
  14. Kareem Jackson in single (off) coverage on Demaryius Thomas = no good
  15. It seems that the Texans are using their special teams returners on an ad-hoc basis
  16. This defense has been very porous against the run all year, and that has continued into this game
  17. Jeff Allen with another hold, this time to wipe out a nice first down run from Alfred Blue
  18. Everything offensively for the Texans is either a deep pass with little chance of a completion, or just peppering the Broncos with extremely short passes
  19. The pass rush, to this point, has been non-existent
  20. Not really sure why Gary Kubiak decided to take that ball into half. Denver had momentum, and they were running the ball all over Houston
  21. Stephen Anderson beating TJ Ward down the field and drawing a PI flag is a nice sign
  22. Hey, is that the Wildcat?
  23. It is relatively fascinating how unexplosive this offense this with DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller
  24. AJ Bouye has played a very good game up to this point (about 8 min left in the 3rdQ)
  25. Man, this feels like a really winnable game. Denver has been way spottier on offense than they should be, given their success running the football. Halfway through the 3rdQ, down by 5 points, with the ball
  26. Jon Gruden is absolutely right about the Texans having breakdowns in the Broncos area of the field
  27. ON CUE, Osweiler completely misses Ryan Griffin on a busted coverage along the sideline
  28. And after a terrific Osweiler run, Blue promptly fumbles on a nice gain. Tough play. Darian Stewart laying his helmet right on the football
  29. On the ensuing 2 plays, AJ Bouye and Corey Moore get injured. It amazes me that NFL teams never run out of players
  30. Kareem Jackson victimized by Emmanuel Sanders. Coverage seemed somewhat decent, but Sanders is just the better player
  31. Now Lamar Miller is back in for the first 2 touches of this drive, down 20-9. Where has he been? Baffling
  32. Not an ideal time for the ball to slip out of Brock Osweiler’s hands…and now it’s ruled a fumble, and it stands
  33. Jordan Norwood’s inability to toe-tap has prolonged our suffering
  34. I swear this game was winnable like 20-25 real-life minutes ago
  35. Does the intermediate middle of the field exist? Something?
  36. 1 completion over 11 yards? ONE?
  37. Derek Wolfe knocking down a pass on 4th down sort of obscured the fact that again, the Texans were throwing the football well short of the sticks
  38. When Jon Gruden is concerned about Brock Osweiler…

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