On October 20th 2016 Ted Johnson, co-host of the Triple Threat, had the privilege of speaking to both the 8th grade and High School Athletic Leadership Councils for the Emery/Weiner School. He spoke to the students about his football career, his transition into radio, and his achievements throughout his life.

The Athletic Leadership Council is comprised of students who apply and are then accepted as members.  They meet twice a month and discuss leadership topics such as commitment, character, confidence, service, etc. and how they relate to being positive influences on teammates.

Below are comments from the school’s director and assistant director of athletics:

“Thanks so much again for coming to Emery and giving us so much of your time.  I hope that you made it over to the studio for the beginning of the show and weren’t too rushed!  Can’t tell you enough how much we all enjoyed having you.  You are a great speaker and your thoughts, stories and ideas were spot on with what we are trying to teach the kids.  The boys at football practice were talking all about so you without a doubt made a lasting impression on them”- Jason Reimers, Assistant Athletic Director

“I would just like to echo all of what Jason said below.  The students talked the entire day about how much they enjoyed your visit with them today.  In fact, I heard from several students at an event this evening that aren’t in ALC but heard about the talk you gave and they said they wished they could have been there to hear it, as well.  You really made an impact with them and that’s not easy to do with teenagers! You were down to earth, shared some great anecdotes that actually resonated with not just students but also the adults in the room, and you were so kind to share your time with us.  We truly appreciate it.” -Angie Gubitz, Director of Athletics