On September 14th, 2016 Sean Pendergast emceed the United Way’s 2016/17 Campaign Kickoff event, called United Way Gameday. While emceeing, Sean spent a morning interviewing Texans ambassador JJ Moses and local CEOs sharing football stories and goals for the campaign with several large donors. Sean was also able to do a follow up EOH interview with Anna Babin, CEO of United Way of Houston, regarding the campaign.

United Way of Houston supports families and individuals when they are going through crises, like job loss, domestic violence and natural disasters. They create a pathway to self-sufficiency and success for their neighbors and their community. They provide the tools, resources and education for families to achieve financial stability and independence, for children to succeed in school and in life and for veterans to rebuild their lives after returning from service. They also bring stakeholders and the community together to address the most pressing needs in the area, improving the quality of life for everyone in their region.




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