By Jeremy Branham

Houston (CBS Houston) – Monday night the Texans will have a handful in facing the Broncos’ defense, specifically Von Miller.

Miller, arguably the best, healthy, defensive player in the NFL, and reigning Super Bowl MVP, plays with an unrelenting style of play when rushing the passer no matter how teams try and block him.

“They might motion the wide receiver in, there might already be a tight end in, there might be a running back that comes out and chips after that. I just attack every play,” Miller said.

In no way is Miller having a Super Bowl hangover, as his 7.5 sacks this season is second in the league behind only Buffalo’s Lorenzo Alexander.

Even with his eye-popping stats, opposing coaches are well aware that slowing down Miller is a must, or he will disrupt your offensive attack.

“Von Miller is going to impede on you offensively, if you don’t help,” Texans head coach Bill O’Brien said. “You have guys like Von Miller, you just do your best to not let them ruin the game.”