By Cody Stoots

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – The Texans began the day struggling against the Colts to a packed house but finished one of the more impressive comebacks in franchise history in front of the loyal fans who stayed.

Antonio Smith was happy for his offense despite the sparse live viewership.

“The thing I’m real excited and proud about is the way the offense won the game there in the fourth quarter.

“While people were clearing out the stands and you had all type of adversity and things, yelling at your quarterback and at your head coach, and different things like that you just kept sawing that wood.”

Tight end C.J. Fiedorowicz noticed the jeers towards Osweiler and was impressed with his mentality.

“He just never gives up,” he said about his quarterback. “His confidence is never down. He just comes out there an plays.”

Fiedorowicz said Osweiler didn’t listen to the fans yelling in the stands and he was “always up and always positive.”

As for the fans who left trying to beat the traffic and missed the comeback? It doesn’t bother Fiedorowicz.

“We’re still gonna play, I mean, they want to leave and miss a game like that, that’s on them.”

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