By: Joshua ReeseBy Joshua Reese

CBS Houston – Before the week three loss to the New Egland Patriots, Houston Texans left tackle Duane Brown raised his fist in the air during the singing of the national anthem.

By raising his fist Brown joined a movement started by San Fransico backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick and joined by countless others throughout the NFL and across all levels of athletics.

On Tuesday, Brown took his silent protest a step further.

Brown and teammates Jeff Allen, Kendall Lamm and Chris Clark along with Texans owner Bob McNair meet with Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Police Chief Martha Montalvo.

It was very productive,” Duane Brown said of the meeting, “I think everyone learned a lot about each other, about just the process and everything that is going on and how we can be proactive in our community to prevent things from happening, I’m looking forward to working with them more and being active in the community.”

The issues Brown and the rest of the athletes around the country are trying to address are difficult and something that won’t be solved in one day, but the meeting was progress.

“We had some great dialogue, we got to express some things that were on our minds,” Brown said, “they expressed some things that they had to say, we just got an understanding, that’s what it was all about, just getting an understanding of each other and, like I said, being proactive and working together to go out in the community and get some great things done.”

Clark who was also part of the contingent of Texans that meet with the Mayor was also very happy with what took place.

“I think us as Texans, if we can be seen with police officers and things like that, kids will be able to have more of a respect for that occupation. We respect them very much and I think that kids seeing that, it will pull it closer,” Chris Clark said.

Brown and his teammates opened up and started a very important dialogue. While the goal is to make the city of Houston a better place, they are hoping that this could be the start of something that others could follow around the country.


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