By: Joshua ReeseBy Joshua Reese

CBS Houston – The Houston Texans run game has not been a far and away success this year. In his first season with the Texans, Lamar Miller has had his moments, but for the most part, he hasn’t really broken out or had a “Lamar Miller” type game where he goes off for 150-200 all-propose yards.

“I think we’re very close, I think I have to do a good job at the second level, making guys miss,” Lamar Miller said of the run game breaking out, “we just have to be more consistent on the offensive side of the ball in general, but the time will come.”

Miller has gotten the ball plenty and the Texans keep on feeding him the rock as they too are looking for that breakout game.

The offensive line so far is not playing with the starters that the team envisioned when they originally signed Miller and yet they might not be totally to blame for the run production so far.

“Yeah, pretty much,” Miller said when asked if he’s leaving yards out on the field, “I could just say sometimes I am too patient, sometimes when I get like one yard, if I just hit the hole I’d probably get three or four yards, sometimes I am a little bit too patient, and I just have to be more decisive.”

The goal for Miller now is not to sit and dance and wait for that big wide lane to open up, it’s to just be aggressive.

“The home run is not going to always be there,” Miller said, “just have to take two or three yards and just pound the defense, the big ones will come.”

The Texans are very committed to Miller, for the first three games they have handed it to him 20+ times a game. Overall the team is middle of the pack in the NFL in terms of total rushing yards, but the 3.5 yards per carry is among the league’s worst.

Now that Miller seems to have the mindset of just pound the rock maybe the team can start stringing more and more positive rushing plays together.

“Once I see a little crease, I just have to hit it and just get those tough three or four yards,” Miller said.

The big time offseason free agent signee still has his world class speed. If he’s able to punch the defense’s gut time and time again with 3-4 yards a pop, maybe that home run everyone is looking for will finally come.


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