By Garret Heinrich

The Houston Texans were unlucky to face the New England Patriots on their one Thursday Night Football matchup. Not because the Patriots are a tough matchup, it’s the NFL every game is difficult, but because the Patriots also have dark blue Color Rush uniforms, thus making the Texans choice a dark blue Color Rush obsolete for their game Thursday.

The Texans will instead wear their all white traditional uniforms for the game. While it isn’t a bad look for Texans, one that led to a win over the Chicago Bears at home in Week 1, it isn’t anything new or exciting for fans.

If the Texans had known they would play the Patriots (my speculation is that last year the Texans had to submit to the NFL and Nike which uniform color they wanted to feature for their Color Rush, long before the schedule was put together and put out, so they had no way of knowing they’d be stuck on the road in a blue on blue matchup) they might have decided to do something a little different, but what could they have done?

Here is what they have for their all blue Color Rush (which they aren’t wearing, but ARE available for purchase, of course):

texans color rush Color Rush Jerseys The Texans Could Have Worn

It’s not a bad look. I love the red number on the blue jersey, it just looks different and sleek. But of course they won’t be wearing these, so let’s move on to what could have been.

1. All Red Ketchup Bottles

texans color rush red Color Rush Jerseys The Texans Could Have Worn

I decided not to mess with the overall designs too much, stick with the look Nike went with as far as piping and jersey design. The all Red is something the Texans have done before on Battle Red Day at home, but usually they wear them with their white pants.

The all red is fairly awful. Again, I like the blue numbers for the Color Rush over white like the traditional jersey, but it still is just too much red. There is a reason the Texans rarely wear all red on the field.

2. Columbia Blue

texans color rush oilers Color Rush Jerseys The Texans Could Have Worn

There was a rumor the Texans might be doing Columbia (or Oilers) blue for their Color Rush jersey. But it didn’t come to fruition and the world was robbed of a fantastic option for the Texans. Now I’m not a huge fan of the unitard blue look, especially because it looks a little too much like the terrible Titans Color Rush set up.  But for nostalgia sake, everyone would have loved this.  And the jerseys alone would have probably sold out in minutes. They also would need to paint their helmets to complete this look. It would look terrible with the Deep Steel Blue helmets.


3. Change The Piping

pointy legs Color Rush Jerseys The Texans Could Have Worn

One weird thing I think the team could have done is to change the piping a little bit. I don’t love the straight leg piping they used when they have the pointy piping on the shoulder. If they used the same shape on the pant leg and added the white stroke to the shoulder piping it could have taken any of the jersey sets to another level.

pointy legs blue1 Color Rush Jerseys The Texans Could Have Worn


The Texans have already announced they will be using their Color Rush jerseys next year, but maybe, just maybe, they’ll make some small changes to get the best possible look for next year’s Thursday Night Football.

  1. Optimistic says:

    Texans need to introduce Gun Metal Gray Metallic as their Color Rush option. Helmet, jersey, pants, socks and shoes. With the Deep Steel Blue and Battle Red set against a proper Gun Metal Gray, it would look proper.

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