By Garret Heinrich
by: Garret Heinrich (@GarretHeinrich)

The NFL is back and that means we start the week on Thursday night with Thursday Night Football. Starting in week 2 when the Jets and the Bills meet up we will see the first full season of the NFL’s “Color Rush” uniforms.  Luckily for those who are color blind, and those who are not, the Jets and Bills will not subject us to the green vs. red Christmas color attack like last year.

This year the Jets will go with an all white look against the Bills all red to avoid the problem seen above. The Jets are in a spot like many other NFL teams. Some teams won’t be actually wearing their new uniforms on the field but every team has a uniform to sell in their shop.  I’m going to take you through all 32 teams and rank them, worst to first.

I do want to preface this by saying that I love the idea of the Color Rush jersey, just not the Color Rush uniform. I don’t like the leotard look in MOST cases.  In a lot of cases, many of the teams would look great with their Color Rush jersey but a different color pant/sock combo.  I went over this last year talking about how teams could really make a new jersey that is unique without having to go full “Color Rush.”

With all that said, these rankings are for the entire leotard uniform set up the NFL and Nike have created with each team.  These rankings are based on the Color Rush uniforms in their entirety and the sets promoted by the NFL, not what the teams will be wearing, as we know it won’t always be the same.

32. Washington Redskins

These yellow mustard bottles are easily terrible. There isn’t anything redeeming about them when you look at them.  They have no piping and are just one big blob of yellow.  We are lucky, though, the Redskins don’t play on Thursday Night this season.  We might all be spared from having to watch them.

31. Denver Broncos

The Broncos might have won the Super Bowl, but they did not win any Color Rush trophy.  These are terrible. I commend them for going back to the Orange Crush, but the sleeves look out of place and the whole orange look is terrible. This might work better paired with blue pants, but all together it is not well done.  They actually might have gone below the Redskins if it weren’t for the throwback helmet it looks like they will be wearing.

30. Philadelphia Eagles

A few things I don’t like about this look for the Eagles. 1. They already wear the black jersey so it isn’t that ‘new’ for the fanbase. 2. The all black looks bland and boring as a silhouette on the field. 3. The Eagles green is too dark and when juxtaposed on the black it all just blends together and give zero POP to the set up.

29. Tennessee Titans – 28. Jacksonville Jaguars

These two teams already did the color rush terribly and they just decided to do the same thing again!? What were they thinking? It would have been bold if the Titans went red. It’s their 4th color on the depth charge, but it is in the scheme. The Jags should have gone black and with gold accents. It would have worked better. Even though I really like the gold jersey (especially paired with black pants), it’s just hard to take in as they stand there like an Oscar’s trophy with a two toned head.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Well, the good news, the Bucs will host the Falcons, so the Falcons won’t be wearing their red color rush jerseys.  The bad news: the Bucs are wearing theirs. And the alarm clock numbers are still there, which is never good.  Would have been interesting to go orange or even pewter.

26. Carolina Panthers

I disagree with the above tweeter, these blue Panthers uniforms are not on fire, blue, on fire, blue ect. They are blue. We can’t deny that, but they are not on fire.  This Panthers color is best taken in small doses, sadly because of Color Rush we get a whole lot of it and it is just ugly.

25. Miami Dolphins

Well, Miami has one of the most unique and enjoyable color schemes in sports. You would normally not do aqua and orange together, but it works really well for them because of their locale and the feel of the team.  It is a better orange uniform than the Broncos, but something about it with the white helmet doesn’t work.  They were left in a bad spot already having an aqua jersey, but that didn’t stop another of other teams from choosing the better color and just making some changes.

24. Green Bay Packers

Wow packers, way to really go bold here. There isn’t really anything wrong with the Packers set up.  Of all the unitard colors, white tends to work the best as far as looking good top to bottom. Sadly the Packers set is just too boring.

23. Detroit Lions

Thank you Detroit Sports for asking for my thoughts. I will give them to you.  BLAH.  The all black just doesn’t really do it for me. It helps the numbers pop off the jersey and the helmet looks good with it as well, but all black to the toes doesn’t have anything that makes me enjoy this.

22. Kansas City Chiefs

Going off Alex’s point in the tweet, they wear this. Nothing exciting. and this sounds weird, but to have piping on all pieces of the uniform (jersey, pants, socks) and have the spacing and size of the piping all different looks sloppy.  Of all the all-red Color Rush looks, this is the worst (and that is saying something).

21. Baltimore Ravens

Not in an easy spot as the Ravens to have Purple as their main color, so you knew they were going to go here with their jerseys.  I will give them credit for not falling into the black trap and being bold.  One problem I have with the jersey is that the number is the same dropped shodow number they have on their regular uniforms. I would have like to see them do like a lot of teams and drop most of the detail on the numbers.

20. San Francisco 49ers

I just asked the Ravens to simplify their jersey to make the numbers simple. The 49ers did that and it didn’t work. The red, much like the Eagles green, dies on the black a bit. A simple gold stroke, though, would have been really really nice. I wouldn’t even mind gold numbers here. (Full Disclosure: I’m a 49ers fan and while the black jersey has grown on me, it could be so much better).

19. New York Jets – 18. Buffalo Bills

No change for these teams from last year.  One thing I like most about both of these teams is the piping.  Specifically, I like the Bills socks piping, they break up the red just enough that you don’t want to run at them like a mad bull.  The Jets do a nice job with the helmet piping and shoulder piping mimicking each other.  The Jets however will wear their all white uniforms on Thursday night so that we don’t have the same problems as last year.

17. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons won’t be wearing these in their Color Rush game because they are playing in Tampa Bay and the Bucs decided to run from pewter and use red. So now the team with the better looking red set isn’t going to wear theirs. Without the helmet and seing the piping on the pants I hated these uniforms. Once I saw it all together the Falcons jumped up from the mid-low 20’s to 17.  Good work of simplistic jersey. This red jersey would be a top jersey with black or white pants, but with red, it takes it down a bit.

16. Indianapolis Colts

It’s not great. It’s not terrible. It’s something we’ve seen. Right in the middle of the pack here Colts.

15. New York Giants

I like these Giants uniforms. The all white looks good, but it’s also not that exciting.  I knock them down a bit because I would have loved to see them go off the radar and go all gray like their pants. Just would have been something new and different.  This isn’t great, it’s not terrible, but OBJ seems to like it.

14. Minnesota Vikings

I’m a little sad the Vikings decided not to use the Teddy Bridgewater photos of him in the set because of his injury, but these look great. Purple is a hard color to pull off and the Vikings have always done it well.  There is a lot of yellow on this purple and it shows well.  There matte purple helmet helps as well.  Good job with a hard color by the Vikings.

13. Arizona Cardinals

They won’t wear them this year for Thursday Night Football, but I’ve always liked the Cardinals black jersey. The white helmet seems to jump off the uniform and the subtle white stroke on the numbers make the numbers pop a lot better than just red (YOU HEAR THAT SAN FRANCISCO!?). Would like to see some sock piping, but, I’m not going to kill them for it either.

12. Cincinnati Bengals

A lot of teams think their Color rush jerseys are Emoji Fire.  These Bengals ones are good though. I exected to see orange and I was pleasantly surprised by the almost lack of orange on the uniform. They used their unique striping still which looks good in just black and white and they resisted the urge to get gimmicky and put tiger stripes on the socks. These look good.

11. New england Patriots

I love the shoulder piping for the Pats jersey.  I would have loved if they paired this uniform set up with their Pat the Patriot throwback helmet, but it still looks pretty good with the silver current helmet.  The old helmet would have put it in the top 7 easily though. Solid look for New England that we will see in just a few weeks.

10. Seattle Seahawks

I really wanted to hate these. I REALLY REALLY DID. But I don’t.  I actually like them. What is wrong with me!? The details on the leg piping and the numbers are fantastic.

This set has the biggest chance to just look terrible on the field though. When the bright green is on a green field it might not work as well, but in these promo photos I for some reason really enjoy these jerseys and I hate myself for it.

9. Dallas Cowboys

We saw these last year and I liked them then.  The all white works for the Cowboys. They also put enough blue on the shoulders it is easily identified as Dallas. Again, would be better with the throwback white helmet, but it’s okay with the silver.

8. Cleveland Browns

How do the Cleveland Browns get their best uniforms and then not get to wear them? It’s so Cleveland. These are actually REALLY good. The stripes are great, the brown looks nice. There is no wordmark down the leg. There is nothing I would change about these. Now the jerseys they wear week in and week out? I’d change everything about those.  I never expected to put the Browns this high.  Great set, we’ll have to wait to see on the field.

7. Houston Texans

Another set that won’t see the field until 2017 the Houston Texans did a great job switching up their traditional deep steel blue and making something different.  The red numbers with white trim is something a lot of teams wouldn’t do, but it works well here.  The Texans will wear all blue at home on November 27th, but it won’t be these. It will be their normal jersey with the white numbers and red color.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers

When I first saw the all black I thought “meh.” But as I looked at the whole piece together it started to show off how good black and yellow work together.  These are the only black sets that work really really well and like a lot of the Color Rush sets it’s the details. Leaving a stroke off the numbers was a nice touch and the sleeve piping is good, but my favorite thing is the chest patch with their logo.  And this might sound stupid, but I love that it is on the opposite side of the logo on the helmet, it balances everything nicely.

5. Chicago Bears

I haven’t looked into it, but this might be the biggest ratings discrepancy of color rush jerseys. The bad Packers against the excellent Bears.  I am happy the Bears didn’t go with the single color orange number on the jersey, I think it would have lost something. This probably wont surprise you but I love the stripes on the socks, it is that little detail that launched the Bears into the top five.

4. Los Angeles Rams

These are actual fire. I enjoy them so much.  With how much the Redskins failed with the all yellow the Rams succeeded. The only critique I would have for these is that I would love to have seen no white on the pants piping.

3. Oakland Raiders

The best thing the Raiders did was to flip the color of their number on the jersey for the Color Rush.  The silver number looks really clean on the white jersey and while many people wanted to see all black, but the Raiders did a good job with this look.  It will look really good in Kansas City December 8th.

2. San Diego Chargers

WHAT!? Royal Blue!? That is so so so unexpected and so good! I was expecting the Chargers going with their powder blue or maybe even yellow, but they break out royal blue! This look is so good I don’t even know how to react to it. I really could have put this at 1a, but it’s 2.

1. New Orleans Saints

You know what Ashley, I agree. These uniforms are so well done. I love the piping (of course). I love the contrast with the helmet. I love the shimmer on the gold. If this was twitter it would truly deserve 58 fire emojis (58 because I’d attach the picture, which leaves me 116 characters and each emoji counts as two characters).

Am I wrong? What are your favorites? Hit me up on Twitter and let me know.

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