By Garret Heinrich

Arlington (CBS HOUSTON) – The Dallas Cowboys narrowly lost 20-19 in a big week 1 game to the New York Giants on Sunday in a game that is always heated between the two division rivals.

In the stands at AT&T stadium, however, Cowboys fans took to fighting each other in one of the standing room only areas at the Cowboys field.

In a Facebook video posted by a fan in the area a video of the fight was posted with the caption “Why can’t we all just get along?” (The video was taken down but there is a YouTube version of the same video below.)


The three-minute 13-second video starts during the fight and it’s hard to tell but there seem to be fights going between both women and men.  As the fight seems to calm down and event staff finally shows up, about two minutes in, things get picked right back up as haymakers fly.

It is not clear what started the fight, but it doesn’t appear to be a Cowboys vs. Giants fight, but Cowboys fans fighting Cowboys fans.