English Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur is banking on the NFL expanding across the pond.

Spurs have already inked a deal with the NFL to host two NFL games per season at their new 61,000 seat stadium, ready to open in 2018, but chairman Daniel Levy wants a bit more for the new White Hart Lane.

Levy spoke with ESPN about his plans for an NFL franchise to be housed in North London if the league ever decides to expand full time to England.

“We worked together because it needed to be viewed as a combined joint soccer and NFL stadium,” Levy said. “In fact, the way we designed the whole experience is one side of the stadium is a dedicated soccer entrance and the other side is a dedicated NFL entrance. If it ever got to a stage where the NFL decided it wanted to have a permanent team in London, this stadium could literally be, whatever the team was, their stadium as opposed to an NFL team feeling they’re renting Tottenham’s stadium.

“We would welcome very much close cooperation with the NFL and a dedicated team. Obviously, a decision is entirely theirs whether they do bring a team to the UK, and where it would be located is something that would be talked about. But yes, we would be very much welcome to that scenario.”

As the new stadium was being designed Levy said that they took into account both the NFL and BPL.

“As we sat down and we went through all the operations, we worked out, ‘What does the NFL need? What does soccer need?’ Basically, we had a checklist of all the various things we wanted to achieve, and then at the end of the day it was the best solution.

“It’s not an easy solution, and we’ve had lots of technologies involved with the design and the various prototypes because not only do we have to get the surface right for the NFL but it also has to be right for soccer.”

Tottenham is playing their home games at the old White Hart Lane this year, but will play their Champions League games at Wembley Stadium this season.


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