[WARNING: The Above Video Contains Some Adult Language That May Not Be Suitable For All Viewers Or Appropriate For The Workplace. Some Would Say NSFW.]

The world has been baffled by what unfolded over the last week in Rio de Jinaro, Brazil.  Not really any of the events at the Olympics, but in particular the actions and story telling by gold medalist Ryan Lochte.  Lochte told his mom, who told the press, that Lochte was robbed at gunpoint by fake police in Rio last week.  Lochte continued the story that he and three swimming teammates were pulled over and he had a gun placed on his forehead as he was robbed.  As we found out later, that story is mostly false.

After Lochte got out of Rio before his passport could be confiscated by local authorities more truths about that night came out. Because of Lochte’s odd story, the weird interview he gave shortly after to NBC’s Billy Bush and then his apology and Instagram post trying to make up for his actions, Lochte was the target of the Internet’s current favorite late night satirist and truth spitter, John Oliver.

Oliver spent the first part of his show “Last Week Tonight” discussing “America’s idiot sea cow” and how dumb Oliver perceives Lochte to be.  The Lochte montage of interviews from Lochte’s 16 years on the scene of the competitive swimming is possibly the funniest part of the four-minute video.

Lochte is seeing some more backlash with his issue from Brazil. Two sponsors, Speedo and Ralph Lauren, have announced they have cut ties with Lochte as an endorser of their products.


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