By: Alex Del Barrio, Sportsradio 610By Alex Del Barrio

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – UFC Middleweight Champion Michael “The Count” Bisping is scheduled to defend his newly won title for the first time at UFC 204 on October 8, 2016 against Dan Henderson in Manchester, England.

Bisping will be looking to avenge his loss to Henderson back at UFC 100 in 2009.

Bisping, who is making the media tour to promote his fight, joined In the Loop on Friday with John Lopez, Dante Hall and Cody Stoots. Bisping spoke about a variety of different topics including McGregor vs. Diaz at UFC 202.

During the interview Lopez asked Bisping if he agreed with Connor McGregor  and if Bisping could “Whip a WWE locker room.”

Bisping told In the Loop, “Come on those WWE guys, God bless them. They jump around in spandex and leotards and they put on a good show, but we are fighters.”

Bisping continued, “We are the real deal. If any of those guys were to step into our office, they’d get taken care of pretty quickly .

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