CBS Houston – Since being drafted by the Houston Texans, DeAndre Hopkins has made amazing play after amazing play, endearing him into the hearts of fans.

After Thursday’s joint practice with the New Orleans Saints, it was learned there are still plenty of other people outside the city of Houston who are fond of Hopkins as well.

During one on one drills Saints cornerback, De’Vante Harris had the chance to go against Hopkins. After practice, he was nearly giddy talking about the experience.

“He’s a great receiver, I’m not going to lie, lined up (against him), I’m like man this is Hopkins right here,” De’Vante Harris said.

While Harris touted he was able to make a play off of Hopkins, knocking down a pass, he was still very pumped to get matched up with the pro-bowler.

“He just has a nose for the game,” Harris said, “he’s a legend in the making, it’s great to go up against him.”

Harris was not the only Saints player who was happy to see Hopkins Thursday, wide receiver Michael Thomas sought the Texans pro-bowler out and the two were able to chat for a moment during practice.

“Since he’s been in college at Ohio State, he would always text me and just ask me questions about things he can do to help his hands, help his route running, so I’ve kind of been a mentor to him since he’s been in college,” DeAndre Hopkins shared about his relationship with Thomas.

Thomas later in the day during one on one’s would pull off a Hopkins special, with Charles James draped all over him in coverage he made a spinning one-handed grab.

The catch got plenty of oohs and aahs from the crowd, if and when Hopkins is able to see the catch, he should be pretty proud.

Hopkins may be only in his fourth NFL season, but there are plenty of players that look up to him.

The Texans for years had Andre Johnson as the guy who younger players on the team and in the NFL would look up too, now they have another one in Hopkins.

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