By Joshua Reese

CBS Houston – Brock Osweiler in his very first game action with the Houston Texans this past Sunday did not have the greatest of debuts (4/7 for 27 yards).

This upcoming Saturday the Texans 72 million dollar man will get another chance to show why the team handed the offense over to him, but before he plays in preseason game number two. Osweiler and his Texans had the chance Thursday to practice against the New Orleans Saints.

Osweiler started off practice slow but once he was able to catch a rhythm he looked pretty good going against the Saints number one defense.

“We came out here and we had a general idea of what the Saints would do because of their tape from last season, but we saw two or three different fronts that we had no idea were going to come at us today,” Brock Osweiler said, “I think the best part about it was no one blinked an eye, we pointed our hot’s, we signaled out some routes, we checked to a run, we got some positive yards and we moved on to the next play.”

Osweiler towards the end of practice made some nice plays including a nice grab by DeAndre Hopkins down the field.

After practice, any player you talked to on the Saints defense was blown away either by how tall Osweiler is, or just how good his arm is.

Saints middle linebacker James Laurinaitis like his teammates was pretty enamored by the size of Osweiler, but he was also impressed by what he did on the field Thursday.

“That’s a big guy, that’s a big sucker back there, he can really throw it too, he’s got a cannon for an arm,” James Laurinaitis said, “just thought he made some really smart football plays, didn’t really force anything, there was a play down in the red zone that looked like he was looking around to force something, but then just took off and took the open run, some really mature decisions out there.”

The Saints will see Osweiler once more on Friday before the two teams meet on Saturday.

With the continued growth of the Texans new quarterback, preseason game number two, fans might be able to get a taste of what Osweiler will be able to bring in the regular season.

“I like where he’s at,” head coach Bill O’Brien said of Osweiler, “I thought he’s done a nice job in two-minute drills, he’s had some good team periods.”

Osweiler now with some practice success under his belt now needs to translate it into live game success.


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