By Joshua Reese

CBS Houston – This time of the year, former Baylor Bears head coach Art Briles would normally be getting ready for the start of the college football season. This year, Briles has been making his rounds going from NFL training camp to NFL training camp.

Briles earlier this summer was fired after it was learned the football staff turned a blind eye to sexual assault’s committed by his players.

Tuesday Houston was the latest stop for the former football coach. Briles met with some of the Houston Texans coaching staff and oversaw practice.

The man once responsible for taking the Bears to six straight bowl games after practice shared that he did indeed miss coaching and hopes to get back into it very soon.

“My plan is to be in it in December, (jobs normally open) in November, December in the college level, I’m hoping to land another job,” Art Briles said of his timeline to returning back to coaching.

Being away from the game has given the ole football coach a lot to think about of late.

“It’s tiring no doubt,” Briles said of his mindset now away from Baylor, “but at the same time it’s kinda inspiring, you always think you have a lot left to give.”

Briles feels he is now able to sit back and look at the game in a whole new light. He feels that he could be changing as a coach and as a person.

With the Bears, Briles complied a 64% percent winning percentage and was under contract to coach at the school till 2023 until the controversy forced his removal.

“Honestly, I have no bitterness towards Baylor,” Briles said, “I love Waco, I love Baylor, love the students, I had a great time there, very blessed to have been there for a long time, just unfortunate the way everything went down, that’s why I’m just focusing on the future.”

With potential jobs, that could be on the horizon, Briles shared he is hoping athletic directors will look at his football resume.

“Just look at longevity, look over a career, I’ve been at it 38 years, I’ve lived the right way for 60 years of my life, never done anything illegal, immoral or unethical,” Briles said.


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