Dante Hall coaches up his co-hosts John Lopez and Cody Stoots as we take to the park to learn the eight routes an NFL Wide Receiver is expected to know.

Route 1: Flat Route –

Two Steps up and out, to draw out any defender covering the flat.

Route 2: Slant Route –

Three steps and then take it at the linebacker level inside. And don’t forget to give it a little head.

Route 3: Comeback Route –

A curl route to the outside.

Route 4: Curl Route –

Three steps and turn it inside.

Route 5: Dig Route –

Ten yards up and cut across inside, over the top of the linebackers.

Route 6: Out Route –

Ten yards up and cut outside to the sideline.

Route 7: Post Route –

Running straight and then taking it to the near upright, dependent on what side of the field you are on.

Route 8: The Corner Route –

15-yards straight, with a hard cut to the corner, either the back pylon or near pylon depending on coverage.

Route 9: Fade Route –



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