By Jeremy Branham

Houston (CBS Houston) – Today was the last day of training camp in Houston before the Texans head to California to open up the preseason with the 49ers.

It will be the first of the usual four games worth of preseason play. After the road trip the Texans will have back-to-back home preseason games against New Orleans and Arizona before closing the preseason on the road at Dallas.

“You’re able to go away now for four days to San Francisco, get in the hotel, get out of Houston for a few days, get together as a team, meet, eat, compete, do all those things together and just talk football. I think there’s a lot to that, there’s a lot to the word ‘chemistry’, and I think that helps the chemistry of the football team,” head coach Bill O’Brien said.

Aside from bringing the team together and building chemistry, it’s also an opportunity for the team to line up across from someone else that isn’t a teammate.

“You’ve been going against each other now since April, May, June, and then in camp for nine or 10 practices. Really about 12 or 13 if you include early training camp. Now you get a new team, new schemes, different tempo, different vibe,” O’Brien said.

“We’ll go against each other on Friday, and then Saturday we’re still kind of talking about.” O’Brien said. “More than likely, Saturday would be separate. Walkthrough, separate.”


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