By Joshua Reese

CBS Houston –
Sunday, the Houston Astros placed outfielder Colby Rasmus on the 15-day disabled list with a cyst in his right ear.

The ear is something Rasmus has dealt with for a while now, July 8th he was held out of the lineup with an ear infection. Since that time Rasmus has had a very difficult time at the plate. In his past 14 games, he was batting .038 with a .166 OPS and 17 strikeouts.

About a week ago, Rasmus had shared he had been dealing with a cholesteatoma, which is a growth of skin cells underneath his ear drum.

The cholesteatoma had been affecting him on and off the field, playing with his balance and causing him to get dizzy at times. Rasmus also shared that it was something that he would eventually need surgery on, but had hoped to have everything under control with ear drops.

There is no word yet if what has now sent Rasmus to the DL is the cholesteatoma he dealt with earlier in the month.

But for now to fill Rasmus’s spot in the lineup they have called up triple-A outfielder Tony Kemp. In his previous stint with the team earlier, this season Kemp played in 22 games and had a .238 batting average.

There is no word on how long Rasmus will be out, but if he’s healthy he can help the team.

Pre ear infection he was batting .245 with a .726 OPS.

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