On Sunday evening, J.J. Watt tweeted out a handwritten thank you note to his fan base, Watt-a-maniacs far and wide, who have supported him in the aftermath of the sudden announcement that he’d undergone surgery on a herniated disk in his back last week. It was a nice gesture, and if you had “Watt is a hand written thank you note writer” at -200,000, cash that ticket! (I say that, as another hand written note writer myself, out of admiration.)

But if J.J. Watt only knew the depths to which your unconditional support would go, at the detriment of your own welfares, he just might very well have hand written a note to each and every one of you personally. Maybe even a fruit basket with apple slices in the shape of his personal logo!

Why do I say that?

Well, because according to a Twitter poll I posted last Friday, the majority of Texan fans would be willing to go under the knife themselves if it meant a guarantee that J.J. Watt remained healthy. Here are the exact numbers on the poll:

There were some of the over 600 people who responded affirmatively on getting the surgery that attached conditions to it, mostly having to do with the timing of the surgery — “Just not during my summer vacation…” or “Sure! If I can do it during March Madness!” were common stipulations. Still, those conditions do not alter the fact that 56 percent of Texans fans polled by me on Twitter would gladly have a scalpel or laser pierce their skin and begin manipulating a crucial biological cog in their ability to move around like a normal human being, a cog that is a scant few millimeters away from their spinal cord. (Honestly, does it really get anymore scientific than roughly 1,200 of my Twitter followers as the sample space?)

So, J.J., just know that as you sat down to convey your thoughts of gratitude last night, you have no idea just how far the Texan fans’ support of you will go. They are literally willing to feel your pain.

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