During the red carpet for Wednesday Night’s ESPY awards J.J. Watt and Lindsey Vonn stopped by to talk to Hannah Storm. The first question from Storm was if Watt attended Vonn’s pool party the day before. Watt with a simple, “no” and explainging he had a commercial to do, but Vonn interuppted to ponder a reason Watt didn’t come.

“He had to pump some iron, you know,” Vonn said while grabbing Watt’s bicep. “Do photo shoots and some really cool things.”

Watt laughed it off as Storm asked him how he was able to win the Defensive Player of the Year with so many injuries. Watt again responded with a simple answer about good trainers and teammates when Vonn interupted and made things even more awkward.

“And lots of messages, in the groin area,” Vonn said poking J.J. and laughing.

Storm asked Vonn to real it back in and tried to end the interview with a question about Vonn’s health. Luckily that ended the awkwardness of that interview.