How far will Bill Belichick go to win a game? Ted shares a story from early in his career that sort of relates to J.J. Watt.


Going off their previous segment, Sean, Rich, & Ted play “Six Words To” with what the unnamed woman said to the unnamed player from Ted’s story about what Bill Belichick did to get in an opponent’s head.


Sean, Rich & Ted give out some mid-season awards for the Houston Astros and talk about what they need to do in the second half.


Sean, Rich & Ted talk about stupid people, and the stupid things they’ve done. Included is a story about a car wreck caused by Pokemon Go. With All Due Respect.


Sean, Rich & Ted talk about the ongoing battle between Von Miller and the Denver Broncos over his franchise tag. Would Miller really consider holding out?


Sean, Rich & Ted talk about who will be the AFC South MVP this season. One name won’t surprise you, but another just might.