Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – The Houston Astros currently in second place in the American League West, trailing the Texas Rangers by 7.5 games going into play on Tuesday.

As July moves on the Astros have been closing the gap on their in-state rivals and GM Jeff Luhnow told Mad Radio with Mike Meltser and Seth Payne on Tuesday on SportsRadio 610 that the team can make this a division race.

“We’re healthy, we’re young, we’re good, we’re playing good baseball right now.” Luhnow said. “Despite the fact that the Rangers have a pretty big lead I think we have a chance to track them down and if not I think we have a chance to solidify a Wild-Card spot and hopefully a home game.”

The trade deadline is a few weeks away but Luhnow likes the way the Astros roster is set up and he’s not sure if any moves are out there to be made.

“I look at our team and I try to think about what we can really use,” Luhnow said to Mad Radio. “Every team could use another starting pitcher that could be in their playoff rotation, so we’re going to look at those guys but there aren’t that many of them and they come at a pretty exorbitant price in terms as prospects. We’ll do our homework there. Other that that we’re going to be opportunistic on what is available, but I like our team right now.”

The Astros could see an influx of talent from their farm system as well if top prospect Alex Bregman keeps up his pace in AAA Luhnow told Mike and Seth the Astros would find a place for the young shortstop.