Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – The Houston Texans made J.J. Watt the highest paid defensive player in the league before the 2014 season.  That title didn’t last long as he’s now the 4th highest paid defensive player in the NFL.

Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett told The Triple Threat on SportsRadio 610 on Thursday that it shouldn’t be that way.

“There are guys getting paid more than J.J. Watt and that does not make any sense,” Bennett said. “There should not be a defensive lineman making more money than him; the statistics he’s put up. When I see guys they don’t even have three or four sacks getting $100M and I’m like ‘what is going on?'”

Bennett didn’t just heap praise on J.J. Watt. He also called wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins a “next level” wide receiver.  Bennett’s Seahawks, who lost running back Marshawn Lynch to retirement, could use some depth in the backfield and he has his eye on the Texans all-time rushing leader.

“I would love to see Arian Foster in Seattle,” Bennett said about the free agent. “The way he runs with passion, he’s a passionate player. I think he has done a lot great things in the NFL.”

While Bennett said that the Texans have had a good offseason he contrasted new quarterback Brock Osweiler with his quarterback Russell Wilson in their mobility.

“The Texans, the quarterback is standing still. You know where he is going to be at and you can just take Brock out  because he’s so tall and he just can’t move.”

Bennett also said that the other big free agent for the Texans, running back Lamar Miller, is good, but has big shoes to fill after Foster’s departure.