Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – The Houston Astros are trying to figure out their catcher position. They have Jason Castro (who just went on paternity leave). Max Stassi has been called up to help, but he’s been injury plagued his whole career. They also have a DH, in Evan Gattis, who has played catcher before. In fact, he’s going down to Corpus Christi to work behind the plate a little bit.

But that might not be the most interesting thing Gattis decided to reveal this week. On with DJ Sixsmith on CBS Sports Radio, Gattis admitted, since he doesn’t wear batting gloves, he used to pee on his hands to toughen up the skin.

“I’ve done it, but only after I found out that others guys had done it before,” said Gattis. “It was a high school thing and I wanted to be cool. I did it in the shower; I don’t know why I did it. It’s not like I carried around a jar of pee.”

The other guys who have admitted to it are Jorge Posada and Moises Alou, both pretty good baseball players in their own right.

Gattis also talked with DJ Sixsmith about the interesting journey Gattis took to the Major Leagues. He went to rehab, after working as a janitor, housekeeper, and other odd-jobs after high school. Then he went to the Venezuelan Winter League.

“Venezuela has an unbelievable baseball culture. Their fans were so loud. It really got me ready for the nerves of playing in the big leagues. I felt like if I could play left field in Caracas with a ton of loud fans than I could do the same thing in the big leagues. I played an exhibition game that was louder than any game I’ve ever played in.”

Learn more about Gattis here.


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