That was EASILY the best second episode of a season in Game of Thrones history. And that includes the infamous “Purple Wedding”. So let’s dive right into my takeaways:

1. Bran Stark is back. But that flashback scene with the Three Eyed Raven was weak. It was amusing to see Hodor talking like he isn’t a Pokémon. But I want meaningful moments in Westeros history. Looks like we’ll finally get that next week based off the next time promo.

2. Better fatality:

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Or . . .

I’m going to go with 2. The Mountain has now smashed 2 heads skulls with minimal effort. And how about those Lannister soldiers nearly soiling themselves with a 10+ on 1 advantage?

3. I feel bad for King Tommen. His wife is in jail. And his mom was just publicly shamed. Hate Joffrey all you want, but he’d never have allowed that to happen. Now he’s asking Cersei to show him how to be strong. No way that’ll end poorly . . . like Cersei’s last scheme.

Speaking of that last scheme, I’m surprised that Jaime made it out of that confrontation with the High Sparrow. When those Faith Militant goons came out of the shadows, I thought the end was coming. The High Sparrow had no fear of death, and mic dropped his way out of the showdown with a “And yet together, we can overthrow an Empire”. How much more emasculation can the Lannisters take?

Here’s another question. Do the Lannisters even know that the Sand Snakes killed Myrcella? Because they don’t seem to know who killed Prince Trystane in episode 1. Something tells me they’re totally in the dark as to Dorne’s plot against them.

4. I keep forgetting that Tyrion is in fact a Lannister. He’s the only one that showed any marbles this episode. But I thought it was pretty idiotic of him to go meet the dragons without Missandei, who said that the dragons had never been hostile to her. Yo Tyrion, YOU DON’T KNOW THESE BEASTS. I’m amazed he was able to sweet talk them into letting him come close.

I was also amazed that the dragons didn’t IMMEDIATELY fly out of the crypt. Classic moody teens.


[Runs to room, locks door, blares Spotify]

5. Is Arya Stark truly “No one”? Or is she still fooling the Faceless Men? She aced Jaquen H’ghar’s test. But non-spunky Arya is an Arya I’m not that interested in. I want her to complete that kill list.

6. I’m disappointed in Roose Bolton. He was one of the sharpest minds in Westeros. Yes, a traitor. But between organizing the “Red Wedding”, marrying Walda Frey so he could get her weight in silver, and arranging Ramsay to marry Sansa, you have to admit that he was one of the show’s more formidable characters. No one in this universe is perfect, but how couldn’t he see that Ramsay could one day stab him in the back? Or . . . stomach I guess.

Desperate people resort to desperate measures in desperate times. After losing Sansa and Theon, Ramsay’s new little bro was a threat. Ramsay doesn’t play threats. Classic only child syndrome. Blouses, Walda and Brostopher. Will anyone kill Ramsay?

7.I’m excited that we’re going to get some more scenes with the Ironborn. The Vikings of Westeros are quite unique. I’d like a little more background info on the newest Greyjoy: Balon’s brother Euron. Looks like there will be a showdown between Euron and Balon’s daughter Yara to be the Ironborn King. On top of that, Theon is on the way back too.

PS: Worse way to die . . . out the Moon Door? Or off that rinky dink rope bridge connecting the Castles at Pike?

8. It took a lot of convincing to get Melisandre out of her funk. But she said the magic words. And BAM. Jon Snow is back. Get some clothes on bro, the Boltons are coming.

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