22 Questions About The Possible Color Rush Jersey LeakBy Garret Heinrich

By: Garret Heinrich

Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – There was a picture tweeted out over the weekend that, if it is to be believed, shows 30 of the team’s color rush uniforms for the 2016 season.  On the card that sent out the color next to the Houston Texans logo is a blue very similar to the Houston Oilers Columbia Blue.


With just this tweet to give us information, let me talk to myself a bit to answer some of your questions. (Question in Bold).

How trustworthy is this tweet?

The twitter account is freshly minted on twitter, created in April 2016 and the first tweet coming out Thursday, April 14th, but let’s pretend this is a 100% real information card and a completely true leak.

What Are The Color Rush jerseys?

Thursday night is when the NFL has decided to rush out these new Color Rush uniforms.  They did it to very mixed results, including the first game with the Bills vs Jets that saw red jerseys vs. green jerseys that caused some problems for colorblind NFL Fans. Those teams kick off the season on Thursday Night football in week 2 and according to the graphic, will wear the same colors.

Have The Texans Ever Worn Columbia Blue?

The Texans have never worn a jersey in the theme of the Houston Oilers, so we’re not sure what the look will entirely look like. But from what we’ve learned from last year’s look, the helmet won’t change.  There is a chance that the Texans could have a Steel Blue helmet with a Columbia Blue jersey, pants, and socks.

When Will The Texans Wear Their Color Rush Jerseys?

The Texans have two Thursday Night Football games (one is played on a Saturday, but they are still calling it Thursday Night Football) this season. They play the Patriots in week 3 and week 16 against the Cincinnati Bengals. We don’t know what week the Texans would wear their color rush jerseys.

What Would The Other Team Be Wearing?

If they play the Patriots, it would be New England wearing red and the Texans in the blue.  If it is week 16 against the Bengals we’re not quite sure what the Bengals would wear with this graphic. It is white with the Bengal stripes. Are they going with a white Bengal tiger look? We don’t know.

Is this the worst idea ever?


Are these the cutest cubs ever?

 (Photo credit ERNESTO BENAVIDES/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit ERNESTO BENAVIDES/AFP/Getty Images)


How sure are we about any of this?

We are completely guessing at a lot of things.  We’ll know more when the NFL officially announces who will wear what.

Will the NFL will go with the full one color leotard look like they had last year? 

Last year teams looked horrible in these one color systems.  We’ll see if they force that on the teams again, or if they do the right thing and just give teams a new interesting jersey and allow them to pair them with appropriate pants and socks. I suggested this last year.

 (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Where are the Tennessee Titans and Washington Redskins on the card? 

There are only 30 teams on the card that “NFL Leaks” tweeted out. The Titans and Redskins are not on the image tweeted out. The Redskins do not have a Thursday night game scheduled. The Titans do play on Thursday night in week 9 against the Jaguars.  Likely they will wear the same uniform they wore last year.

What is with the Ravens? 

The Ravens logo just has an image of the Maryland Flag next to it and the phrase: “Flag Colors To Be Decided” which would imply the Ravens will be wearing one of the Maryland flag colors for their jersey.  Let’s just hope it’s not like the University of Maryland did

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Why are the Raiders gold? 

This is actually a throwback style look for the Raiders. They had gold in their logo in the early 1960’s. So we can assume this will be a ‘throwback’ style much like the Texans are doing.


What do you think the Texans jerseys will look like? 

Thank you for asking.

You’re welcome.

It was really nice of you to consider me to create a mock up.

Well, I thought you had the time and the skills. 

I do.

Okay, will you just show me what you think already!? 

Yeah, sorry. Here you go:


Those are awful.

I know. But if we go by how the previous Color Rush jerseys have been done, this is the horribleness that we are looking at.

What should it look like? 

Well, now that you mention it. I’ve got two options.

Great! Can we see them?



I doubt that they will go with the Oiler blue helmet. So the one on the right seems like a more likely option.  But either of these is much better than the leotard look.  Let’s just hope something good comes out of this.

How many J.J. Watt Oiler Blue jerseys will be sold? 


All The JERSEYS! There is no chance those jerseys are in stock after the week of the game. None.

Of all the possible Color Rush jersey matchups, which one would you want to see the most?

The Seattle Seahawks neon green vs. the neon orange of the Miami Dolphins. This would break twitter. It would be glorious.

We have a lot of time until we really know, but there are a ton of possibilities on what could happen and I will be spending all my free time doing photoshop mock ups until they release the official jerseys.

What should we do once they announce the official jerseys?

Once they do release the official jerseys, I’ll be sure to come back and heavily criticize them.




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