Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – The Houston Texans might still be in the market to draft a quarterback in the NFL Draft. A scout for the Texans, Rob Kisiel, sent a text message to someone he thought was Dak Prescott. Turns out it wasn’t.


No word on if the Texans are unhappy with Kisiel and his error. It’s an honest mistake that many people have made, but we’re pretty sure the Texans aren’t happy other teams know they are talking with Prescott.

The Text Reads:

Dak…this is Rob Kisiel, scout- Houston Texans. Hope you are enjoying all of the lead up to the draft! I need to get a few things from you… {please text or email me the answers to [redacted] 1) I wanted to verify your agent and your draft day ph-#…ALSO looking for a SECONDARY ph-# (a ph that you will have near on draft day that is not your agent’s)… 2) which teams have you shown the most interest in you… 3) Any visits or private workouts, which teams? I would appreciate you’re (sic) responses as soon as you can… if you email, Please let me know who you are in the Subject line jus in case your em-addr doesn’t clearly state your name. Thanks, Rob / Texans

The person that Kisiel texted, that isn’t Dak Prescott, replyed that he had the wrong number. Kisiel thanked the girl he texted and it all seemed to be over. Until Jessica let the text get out.