Maria Sharapova is the highest earning female athlete in the world. But that looks like it’s all about to change due to a failed drug test. This was no PED or recreational drug that was found in her system, but rather a drug that was just added to the “banned” list in January of 2016, that she claims she has been taking for medical reasons for a decade. At the press conference she held in LA to address the failed test she also added that she was unaware of it being added because she didn’t click a link in an email.

Not clicking that link was one costly mistake.

Her deal with Nike, that’s valued at over $70 million a year, has been put on hold, along with Rolex, and other sponsors. And that’s just in the first 48 hours.

Below, we discuss that, and the possibility of Brock Osweiler jumping ship in Denver to come to Houston, TX.