By Garret Heinrich

Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – Do you remember J.J. Watt in pain on the field at NRG Stadium this past January? Of course you do. It was the official moment that most Texans fans knew the season was over.  And the season was over for J.J. Watt in that moment as well has he tore his groin.

J.J. would go on to have surgery on the injured groin.  J.J. Watt would like everyone to know he did not have a sports hernia and that is not the surgery he had.

And the main reason he wants people to stop saying it (like here, here, and here and yes we said it here) is because he would never quit on his team based on a little sports hernia.

That leaves us to wonder exactly what J.J. Watt’s injury was.  I could have been a tear lower than the groin, or near the groin.