By Garret Heinrich

The NFL Combine starts later this week when college players from all over the country (do we allow other countries to participate in this? I mean this is America’s sport. Tell the Canadians to go play hockey) will be converging on beautiful Indianapolis, Indiana to show off their skills. But are their skills really skills that matter in the NFL?  Does anyone really care how many reps of 225 lbs some punter can do? Do we worry if the o-lineman can vertically jump, like at all?  So what kind of drills should they be doing?  Thanks for asking.  How about some drills that actually make sense in the course of an NFL game.  It is being discussed, according to the USA Today.

Here are seven drills that the NFL should consider implementing at the scouting combine:

1. Rope Climb

Best For: Offensive and Defensive Linemen

Purpose: Shows Upper Body Strength. Provides Good Indication Of Who Should Be Picked Last At Combine Dodgeball Game

How It Translates To Game Play: It doesn’t, it would just be funny to see some of these guys trying to climb a rope.

2. Pie Eating Contest

Best For: Kickers and Punters

Purpose: The kickers and punters never get any air time during the combine.  Imagine how fun it would be to watch the pie eating contest.  Plus they should make the offensive lineman watch it before they do their drills, just to piss them off a bit and get them a little motivated.

How It Translates To Game Play: It doesn’t, but it’d be really entertaining to watch these guys scarfing down pies.  Until this happened:

3. Weight Guessing

Best For: Quarterbacks

Purpose: To guage two things about the quarterback. 1. How smart they are by accurately predicting the weight of a lineman. 2. To see how good of a person the quarterback is.  A 350lb guy gets up there and he says he only weighs 280, that is a good dude. He’ll have the team rallying around him in no time.

How It Translates To Game Play: Assessing the defense.  If you can assess if a guy needs an ego boost because of his weight, you can pick out a Cover 2 zone easy.

4. Celebration Dance-Off

Best For: Everybody

Purpose: To see how creative the 355 players are.  It also will see if they no how far to take it.  I say Peele from Key and Peele be there to throw flags just in case it gets out of hand.

How It Translates To Game Play: Obviously some of these guys will score a touchdown, get a sack, knock down a pass, make a 3-yard gain, tie their shoes and will have to celebrate it.

5. Paper Airplane Challenge

Best For: Quarterbacks

Purpose: Each QB gets 3 minutes to design and build the best paper airplane they can.  Then they will line up at a goal line and throw them. The one that goes the farthest wins. It shows brain skills to build the best plane to fly the farthest.  Quarterbacks are all about brain power.

How It Translates To Game Play: Need to draw up a play real quick in the huddle, boom, just like building a pancake.

6. Wipeout Obstacle Course

Best For: Linebackers, Defensive Backs, Running Backs, Wide Receivers

Purpose: We all can agree that Wipeout was the greatest test of one’s mental and physical talents. This would show how good these prospects are.  Do you want someone who can’t even get past one of the big balls. Watch the guy who makes it all the way across the big balls shoot up draft boards.

How It Translates To Game Play: If you can survive the washing machine, you can survive a hit in the NFL.

7. Assault (Not That Kind; The American Gladiator Kind)

Best For: Everyone

Purpose: This game has everything: Throwing. Dodging. Shooting. Running. Diving. Cool Little Knee Pads. Smoke. This should be held just before the Combine dodgeball game.

How It Translates To Game Play: Show me one thing you do in Assault you wouldn’t do on the football field?  Do it. You can’t.




Garret Heinrich


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