By Cody Stoots

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – Dwight Howard might look like a menacing force, but according to former NBA big man Scot Pollard he is anything but a physical force down low.

“Oh yeah, he’s got pretty muscles,” Pollard told MaD Radio Wednesday. “That’s exactly what I’m talking about. My hand went across his whole back.”

Pollard would go on to say Howard is “not strong” but would say Howard was athletic and wiry and he always aimed to keep Howard in front of him when playing defense.

He said Howard was comparable, psychically, to David Robison.

“I guarded them very similarly because of how narrow they were and how they looked really strong but they actually weren’t very strong.”

Pollard also mentioned Howard was easily frustrated when being defended in the post. He said he often used one hand on Howard’s back to help hold him in place and the big man would often complain about Pollard’s physicality.

“He wants the referees to see it his way,” said Pollard. He advocated for Dwight to refrain from letting the calls change the way he plays.

“You’re not going to change them, it’s how you react to them.”

Howard has a reputation for being easy to bug.

“Not only did I know that, I did it,” said Pollard. “It was very easy to get under his skin and it’s a shame because he’s wasted a lot of his talent complaining about stuff.”

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