By MIKE MELTSER, SportsRadio 610By Mike Meltser

I went down to the SAP Center in San Jose on Monday night to check out the NFL’s Opening Night media session. It was kind of a zoo (as most Super Bowl Media Days are), but I had a chance to catch up with current Broncos safety and former Texan Shiloh Keo. Since my phone conspired against me, the audio is not good enough to air. However, here were Shiloh’s best answers on Monday:

You tweeted Wade Phillips less than two months ago, and now you’re in the Super Bowl.

“It’s super crazy, who could have ever thought that it would happen this way.”

I overheard some of your earlier interviews; did you reach out through Twitter because you didn’t have any other way to contact Wade?

“I didn’t have [Wade’s] number, so I couldn’t text him or call him, but I did know from my experience with him down in Houston that he was always on Twitter, so I figured that would be the next best way, and it turned out to work.”

Looking at the defenses you’ve played on, how would the performance against the Patriots rank?

“Well, hopefully it will be 2nd after this week, but it’s up there, I would say it’s number one right now.”

You were on the Texans in 2013. When Gary Kubiak was fired the night after the Jaguars game, did you think he would get another opportunity to be a head coach in the NFL?

“He’s a great coach, I assumed that he would get an opportunity, I just wasn’t sure if he would want to. He was having another great year in Baltimore, he was doing big things there. [Kubiak’s] had a great track record, he’s turned some teams around, and he’s doing a great job.”

Is Kubiak any different than he was in Houston?

“There’s some changes, but it’s very similar. On a day to day operation, I feel like it’s pretty similar, in how he was down in Houston.”

You said some changes; you’ve gotta give me one change

“We have these Saturday Slappy videos, we didn’t do those in Houston. They just go online and find some funny videos posted online and it’s just kind of a time to get away from football, enjoy each other’s company, have a laugh, and then refocus after that.”

What was going through your mind right before the onside kick [that Keo would recover] to seal the AFC Championship Game?

“[The coaches] knew it was gonna come down to me if they went with that style of onside kick. When I got out there, I was just trying to be like a shortstop back in the day, and just try to attack, field it as clean as possible, and squeeze it as hard as I could.”


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