By Garret Heinrich

You have a long weekend and occasionally you can miss things.  Here is our favorite thing from this weekend that you might have missed.

1. The Full Court Backwards Granny Swish

Dwight Howard can have trouble making free throws. The big man for the Houston Rockets did nail a full court backwards shot this weekend.  Don’t Believe us? Check out the video.

2. J.J. Watt On the Ice

Another thing that caught our eye over the weekend was J.J. Watt spending some time with the Philadelphia Flyers shortly after his sports hernia surgery.  We know J.J. Watt loves hockey. He grew up in Wisconsin, played hockey as a kid and took the ice at the Flyers practice facility.

[Side note: J.J. Watt is the first player with a 99 jersey printed since 1999 when Wayne Gretzky retired and the league retired his number.]

Check out the video here.

We know what he can do. He showed it last year at the Badgers charity game.

3. Should the NFL overtime rules change? 

The boss here is a Packers fan. So he was mad Saturday night after that amazing Packers v. Cardinals game.  So he wondered if something should change. Read it here.

And just for fun, watch those two Packers hail mary plays.

But here is the most amazing play of the day. 4th & 20.