Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – Former St. Louis Rams Super Bowl winning coach Dick Vermeil told Nick Wright and John Lopez on In The Loop on SportsRadio 610 on Friday that he completely understands why the Rams are moving to LA.

“I’m sad, I understand it because you know this is a huge business,” Vermeil said. “The marketing and everything else are much greater in Los Angeles. I’m sad, because as you know, St. Louis has lost two football teams now. The fans were great when we got it going there. I think they deserve an NFL team I think they can support one.  Can they support a team with the stadium they have, like other franchises have, like Houston? No, they can’t. I think St. Louis was going to step up and put a stadium in there but I don’t think there is any way you can match that market in Los Angeles.”

Listen to Coach Vermeil’s full interview with Nick & Lopez: