By Cody Stoots

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – Much to the dismay of many of his “haters”, Bill O’Brien anticipates that his future with his current general manager will continue.

When asked if he thought he would keep working with Smith, who is also the team’s Executive Vice President of Football Operations in addition to the general manager, O’Brien was short and to the point.

“Yes, yes.”

O’Brien said he and Smith stay in contact constantly.

“We have a good relationship. We meet every day. We text, we talk, we meet,” he said.

The two are constantly working on the changing nature of the franchise according to O’Brien.

“I think as far as the vision that we have for our team, that’s something that may change year to year, really. May be something where look, we got to improve in these areas so the vision kind of changes sometimes. It’s not always the same thing, so that’s what these days and weeks and months are about here.”

O’Brien said his staff will do evaluations of the team and they will later compare them with Smith and his staff’s evaluations of the Texans. After that, the two will identify the areas the Texans need to get better.

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