By Cody Stoots

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – On September 11th, 2015 the SportsRadio 610 staff published their predictions for the Texans 2015 season. You can see them all here.

We won’t hit all of them here, but we will go through the best and worst of those predictions.

First off the bat, no one predicted a losing season. No one predicted better than 11-5 or worse than 8-8. The most common prediction was 9-7 followed by 10-6. 8-8 and 11-5 were tied with the least amount of predictions.

Quick notes before we get to some of the notable quotes. No one mentioned Whitney Mercilus. Not once. He ended up being a key player. Ryan Mallett was only mentioned once. Obviously, no one mentioned T.J. Yates or Brandon Weeden. Clowney was mentioned by 12 different people. Kevin Johnson was mentioned by four people. Vince Wilfork earned six mentions.

Now for the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Chris Jones of MaD Radio didn’t exactly nail this prediction but he was pretty close.

“With the new rule is anyone scared about Bullock missing an extra point to lose a game this year?”

Randy Bullock was the first kicker to ever miss the longer extra point.

The Triple Threat’s Sean Pendergast was a bit down on Texans quarterback Brian Hoyer.

“The Brian Hoyer Era of Texans football seemingly has the same likelihood of implosion as the “Dude Who Played Peterman On Seinfeld” Era did on Family Feud.”

Perhaps Sean knows Hoyer’s feelings on The English Patient.

Mike Meltzer, of MaD Radio fame, also said 8-8. He thought the Jaguars and Titans were going to be good.

“I think that going 4-0 against the combination of the Titans and Jaguars will be very difficult to repeat again.”

Silly Meltzer.

Matt Hammond, a host of Matt and Cody and the producer of The Triple Threat, was the highest on Brian Hoyer out of anyone.

“There’s no reason Brian Hoyer won’t be better than Ryan Fitzpatrick, better than Hoyer himself was last season for the Browns — and better than even his first 9 weeks of the 2014 season”

Give or take an injury here or there Hammond was pretty accurate about Brian Hoyer.

Matt Murphy predicted 11-5 but the best part of his prediction was his defense of the 11 wins.

“Am I A Drug User?


John Lopez was snarky as usual, but he was wrong, as he sometimes is want to do. He wasn’t exactly “Dopez” as Nick Wright sometimes calls him.

“The Texans have an 11-win defense — maybe even a 12- or 13-win defense. The problem is, eventually the Texans will have to play offense”

Nick Wright nailed a player-specific prediction.

“Also, Charles James is on the team at some point this year, after they suffer an injury in the secondary and snag him off the Ravens’ practice squad.”

He also got the record and a playoff sport right. How the Texans got there though, well, not great.

“In fact, I think they will be one of the “stories of the league” early on, riding a soft schedule and dominant defense to an 8-3 start, before suffering a 4 game losing streak to fall to 8-7.”

They were a story, in that they were terrible. 8-3 is almost like 2-5 though.

Cody Stoots ended up with a decent final week prediction.

“I anticipate if the Texans want to be in the playoffs, we will all be scoreboard watching week 17.”

Rich Lord was spot on with his DeAndre Hopkins prediction.

“DeAndre Hopkins is about to emerge as a franchise player”

Rich’s cohort on in the afternoons Ted Johnson nailed the record and the playoffs, but not exactly.

“I’m picking the Colts to represent the AFC in the SB this year, but I think the Texans can sneak in the playoffs with a Wild Card bid at 9-7.”

Wayyyy off on the Colts but 9-7 record and playoffs cancels out. Let’s call Ted the winner on both fronts.


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