By Cody Stoots

LAS VEGAS – Johnny Manziel has had a party reputation but this weekend may have been the final straw in his time in Cleveland with the Browns.

Earlier in the week, Manziel was ruled out for Sunday’s season finale due to a concussion.

Saturday night Manziel was not planning to get ready for the game, or even be on the sidelines. He was gambling, and not just with his NFL future. USA Today:

Manziel also sat down at a blackjack table and a casino employee examining his photo ID exclaimed, “We’ve got Johnny Manziel with us tonight,” according to John Hornacek, a 43-year-old casino patron who witnessed the exchange.

Manziel attempted to cover his tracks by uploading a picture of him and his puppy with a geotag in Ohio, but it was a rare occasion he added a geotag and users don’t have to be present to use that tag.

He didn’t make it back to Cleveland for the game, or other requirements, according to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King.

The story, on Monday, got even more wild. ESPN Las Vegas reports Manziel attempted to party incognito.

Our sources tell us Manziel was at a popular night club on the strip Saturday night. The QB entered wearing a blonde wig, a fake mustache, glasses, and a hoodie.

Manziel introduced himself as “Billy.” He was there into the 3am hour and when it came time to pay the bill, he asked to have it comped because he didn’t bring cash and also didn’t want to put it on his card.

However, the sources tell us he ended up paying with his card and signing the check.

By 3am he appeared to be enjoying the party scene that Vegas is known to offer.

The club had Manziel and his crew placed at a VIP table close to the DJ booth. The table is located in one of the darkest areas of the club.

Manziel dined at the club’s restaurant before going to the nightclub. He was seated at the most private area in the restaurant, which is still out in the open. And yes, he ate with his wig and glasses on.

A video is set to surface according to a Fox Sports Ohio personality.