HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – The Kansas City Chiefs were 1-4 and had just lost their star running back for the season. Two weeks later the Houston Texans were 2-5 and also lost their star running back for the season. This weekend they meet in the playoffs.

“Faced some adversity and dedicated themselves to having a good season,” O’Brien said Monday about his team.

Andy Reid surely feels the same way.

The Chiefs lone win in their first five games was against the Texans, week one, to start the season. In the week following, O’Brien praised the Chiefs staff even going as far as to credit them with outcoaching the Texans.

Coaching, maybe more this weekend, is key to the playoffs according to O’Brien.

“We’ve got to leave no stone unturned,” O’Brien said. “When you’re playing in the playoffs every single play is important. Every play call. Every situation. Every decision you make is vital to the success or not success in the game.”

O’Brien mentioned the team, in their quest to prepare for the game Saturday, will change their scouting approach. He said they would typically look at the few weeks of games a team had played leading up to a matchup but going forward much more is on their plate.

“You’re looking at all the games,” he said. “You’re looking at all the snaps. You’re looking for any edge that you can find to put your players in the best position to make plays.”

O’Brien had effusive praise for the job the Chiefs coaching staff has done this year. Praise for the defense being good and efficiency, despite what statistics says about them, on offense were two things he pointed out.

Working on his team’s physical preparedness is just as important as being ready between the ears for O’Brien.

“We’ve got to make sure we’re fresh,” he said. “At this time of year, a lot of guys have played a lot of football. So we have to understand the gameplan. We’ve got to work in practice when we do practice but we can’t be out there forever.”

Forever, it would seem, would be an offseason that starts Saturday night.

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