By Cody Stoots

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – J.J. Watt is still dealing with his broken hand, but he is gaining experience in taking care of the injury on and off the field.

“It’s only been 14 days do it’s still in the healing process,” said Watt who had his hand cast-free after his shower. “There’s still a little bit of ways to go but I get more and more comfortable with it every day and we get more and more efficient at making the club the way we want it.”

He might have talked to the media without a cast, but Watt made sure to mention he would be headed to get a new one Wednesday.

Watt said he gets more comfortable as he plays with the club and noted he will keep learning what he is capable of doing and avoiding trying to do things that he can’t do with the injury.

The pain is still a lingering issue as well.

“It comes in and out,” he said. “There’s moments where it’s much more painful than others (there are) moments where it really isn’t painful at all.”

His head coach continues to be impressed with Watt’s contributions with the hand.

“It’s remarkable,” Bill O’Brien said about his star defender having to play with just one arm essentially. “His ability to adjust from the New England game to the Indianapolis game and learn and keep being disruptive. I’m telling ya it’s probably frustrating for him, but you talk about a superb athlete trying to adjust to that type of an injury that’s a testament to him and his ability to still play at a very very high level.”

Watt said he is just trying to help his team whatever way he can.

“I saw the Florida basketball player (Zach Hodskins) that had one arm and he was making layups out there so I have my arm, it’s just clubbed up, so I don’t feel so bad, that kid was pretty impressive.”

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